The Garden Goes In with Krysta

Krysta came over on Friday afternoon.
While Lucas slept and Mirah and Karen played Krysta and I gardened.
Just like the good old days back at Lilac. 
We planted green beans, and sweet peas, and basil and arugula, and purple carrots. 
The small bed by the window we planed cucumbers and watermelon. 
The big bed in the front is my tomatoes. 8 plants in all. 
Black cherry, old german, celebrity, early girl, sweet 100 
The girls were being so cute and making a garden of their own. 
When we finished the boxes we moved to the back beds. We planted a couple hundred onions. 

Several different varieties. 
We also planted ukon gold and purple potatoes and asparagus.
Lucas woke up as we were finishing the onions. 
As sweet and perfect as he is, it made it difficult to go on much longer. 

We gave up and ordered pizza. 
It was a great day. 

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