Conference Family Time

After an amazing breakfast of uncle Greg’s amazing sour dough waffles, bacon, and sausage, we sat around and watched conference.
More babies wrestling. 
Lucas took a spill and bonked his chin. So he has a cutie band aid that makes my heart melt. 
Judah loves me, somewhere DEEEEEEEP inside. 

Hey, guess whose favorite cousin showed up during the morning session? 


Baby love. 


With encroaching babies. 

Between sessions we went to a park near the mouth of Logan canyon. 
It was a beautiful day and the kids loved to see the ducks. 

We went to lunch at a local hot spot, Herm’s. 

Lunch out with kids. 
Barney’s Original Hot Sauce!
We had a surprising encounter with Rob Rolfe from the Valley. 
He worked their. He was also really into the restaurant and falconry.
Mirah was really into her grilled ham and cheese. 
I was really into this pizza sized pancake.
We all shared it. We sliced it and ate it like a pizza. 

Karl had the Cuban. 

I had the tuna melt. 

Nick had the Cobb Salad. 
The kids highlight:
The shoe shining chairs outside of the bathroom. 

We said our goodbyes and listened to the afternoon session on the drive home.
Since we didn’t see it, we found out later that another cousin was in priesthood session:

That’s right, Dustin!

A nice end to a nice weekend. 

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