Saturday morning was bright and chilly. 
It was the day of the Eggstravaganza at Thanksgiving Point.

Look at this little Easter lady, ready to so and do some hunting. 

There’s the pose. 
We got there and the first stop, the cow train:
It was also our first outing with our new stroller. 
Lucas liked it. 
We quickly jumped on. 

Karl and Mirah sat side by side. 
Lucas and I were in the kart behind them…


Karl and Lucas. 
We went looking for our zone. 

Around this time we met up with Besty, Lynnelle and the kids.
The boys foud their area. 
Our Zone. 

One great thing about this event: there was tons of staff and even security. 

It was a fast and simply and easy and fun egg grab. 
Lucas even got a few eggs. 
It was cold. 
We sat down on the sunny warm lawn. 
We opened all of our eggs. 
It was great. Not too much candy, and lots of bracelets, which Mirah loved. 

She got her first pair of sticker earrings. 
We went and played on the bouncy castles and slides. We got kettle corn and grandma did a little shopping and we just had a really nice time. 
We went to lunch at Chick Fillet 
The kids played into the night while I went into the women’s meeting. 

Super fun day. 

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