TSO Halloween Concert

So this is our second time at the Timpanogos Symphony Orchestra’s Annual Halloween Concert.  This year we took Mirah. We got a sitter for Lucas.

The fun thing about this show is that everyone, including the orchestra and conductor dress up.

We wore our Star Wars outfits.

Mirah was Princess Leia and I was Chubacca, and Karl didn’t dress up. In his defense he wasn’t really feeling very well that day, and he came mostly because of FOMO. 

Mirah had a light saber- and looked fierce!

Chelsea and Adam came with us last year when John Bytheway was the MC.

They dressed up this year too.

Chelsea was Moana and Adam was Heihei.

They borrowed these awesome costumes from Cameron and Najud and in the middle of the show Chelsea started over thinking “cultural appropriation” and took some of it off due to feeling uncomfortable. She is such a good girl. I love her.

They look really cute.

Krysta, Zac, and Karen came too. One draw for them was that TSO was going to include Peter and the Wolf this year. It is one of Krysta’s favorites so she really wanted to go and share it with Karen.  Karen came in her Princess Mononoke costume, and it will be pictured later.

The conductor had 6 or 7 comtume changes. He was a Ghost Buster when they did the ghost buster music. He was Batman when they played a batman theme medley:

During the costume parade, where everyone in costume came on stage (uncle Adam took the girls up while we stayed in our seats) the conductor wore a Yoda costume while they played musical selections from Star Wars.

(Just a fun note, these brothers dressed up as Ralphie from the Christmas Story in two different ways:

The concert is really a blast. Several times during the show they had HUGE beach balls bouncing around the theater. One nailed an old lady who was not aware…oops.

We all enjoyed it.

(you can see Zac, Karen and Mirah and Belle here)

Peter and the Wolf began, and it was really good and well preformed but a little long for some:

I didn’t mind.


We got to hold hands.

She did eventually wake up.

It was at this point Karl started to feel really unwell. BUT since we drove together he just said he would wait in the car until it was over.

There were a few more Halloween type pieces and then the concert was over.

They had a hall of trick or treating for the kids after the show, and the girls both got a little bag of goodies.

Here we are, our little group!

We got back to the car and we couldn’t find Karl anywhere.

I called his phone and no answer. I was starting to get worried, then Adam sent me this picture via text:

He was laying in the grass near where they had parked. Poor guy couldn’t get comfortable in the car, so laid down in the grass and fell asleep.

He looks kind of dead.

As I was getting out of the car to go get him, he came slowly walking up. Adam and Belle had woken him up after the took the picture.

Except for poor Karl we all really enjoyed and show. I can’t wait for next year!

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