Kinderstudio and Sisters Lunch

We went to Kinderstudio again and we had another great time! 
The theme this time was RAINBOWS!
Krisanne is really great at teaching as well as doing fun art projects. 
The learning activity today was matching items to colored rainbow maps. 
Krisanne then told us all about Alma Thomas, an expressionist painter. 
She was an African American artist who lived from 1891-1978
I instantly loved her work. 
It is just so…me. 

Krisann showed us this piece. 
She showed us how it isn’t the shape of a normal rainbow, but it was still in the sky. 
The idea of the exercise was this:
(An image taken from Krisanne’s instagram)
Mirah was all ready in her smock. 
(Side note on Mirah right now. She is in a REALLY poesy phase right now.  You will notice in pictures that she just loves to strike a silly pose. I think that its mostly she doesn’t know what to do with her hands. I foolishly fight it. Looking at these pictures I am going to stop trying, she is just so darn cute no matter what.) 
We were there to observe and assist, but not to do it for the kids. 
Mirah expertly ripped the tiny paper and glued them onto her rainbow circle. 
She then used blue and white paint and a lufa to make her textured blue sky. 
Eventually however she needed to use her hands. 

She really got into it, she got some in her hair!
The final product!
Lucas was having a ball crawling around all over the place. 

After class we drove up to Lehi and met us with my sweet sisters and cute aunties. 
We had a delicious lunch at cubbies. 
(Another amazing pose)
(Me trying to reign her into a normal face, she just looks sad. Like I said, no more trying to get her to stop posing. Wheres the joy?)
Hey, little boy. Look over here!

Me and my kids. 

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