Grandma and Grandpa Came

SO-the Hites came this weekend!
It was just for a few days, still the kids couldn’t be happier about it. 
We did a lot of chatting and playing and eating together. We have everyone over to our place on Friday. Karl made his awesome baked potatoes.
(Kind of like this picture I got off of the internet.) 
First thing Saturday morning, we all met up at the Museum of Natural Curiosity. 
We went to an area I have never play in before:
Water world! 
Fist stop the wind chamber. 

Next the “water proofing area”
Lucas and I played at the baby water table

While Mirah and Karl played with whatever this contraption is. 

Back at the wind tunnel…
Lucas needed some drying off too. 

We went over to Kidapolooza which was more his speed. 

We were even able to catch a show, Curious Creatures. Mirah and I were in the front row! 
With Grandma Hite and the boys. 
And Aunt Betsy. 
These guys sat a little further back…

The animals were a little late, and Betsy could hear one little guy freaking out inside it’s cage right next to her face. 
It was this grey-Red Fox. 

We met this chinchilla. 

This Utah Ring Tail. 
And this de-stink pounched skunk. 
The boys still had their concerns. 
The we met about the biggest rabbit we had ever seen. She was a Flemish Hair. 
Mirah was amoung the first to pet her. Two finger pets. for pets that are not yours.
She got to pet the skunk too. 
Next Puppet show!

It was finally warm enough to be outside, so we had a ball on the outdoor play equipment. 

After the museum, the kids went home for lunch and naps, while Lynnelle, Besty and I went to the outlet mall for some shopping. 
We all met up for dinner that night at the Reddoch’s house. 
Karl and…Rosie(?) had some cute fun together.

The kids played outside, and we got pizza for dinner. 

Bright and early the next morning, Jim and Lynnelle said their goodbyes. 
Mirah was ESPECIALLY sad to see them go. 
Thanks for the visit Grandma and Grandpa!

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