Lucas is Sitting Up and Crawling!

It is all just going so fast this time around. I remember things so differently with Mirah. Still here he is, my little sweet heart Lucas stilling up and paying attention at story time last week! 
The story teller was really fun, and it didn’t hurt that it was all about animals. 
I was SO proud of him. 
He just wanted to eat my phone. 
We are now eating three meals of baby food a day. Like full containers, plus nearly 24 ounces of milk. This kid can put it down.  
He is such a little sweet heart. He loves to just sit up and talk to me. 
But is actual favorite place to be:
The TV room floor. He loves to roll around and yes…CRAWL! 
He looks like a little break dancer! 
There are times it is like he forgets what he is doing. 
Then a remembers and gets around. 
And gets what he wants. 
Still always happy to eat!

I just love this little face! 

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