Thanksgiving Kids

Happy Thanksgiving 2017!

We decided that we would LOVE to take the day and just chill.

So we slept in until like 10:00 AM.

Well, me and Karl and Lucas did. Mirah got up and watched her iPad.

We finally got up, got dressed, did some RC building.

Lucas had been trying to fix his hair with the spray bottle.

Soon enough, we were at Nitsy’s house. And it was BABY time!

We finally got to meet lovely lady Lucy!

There was lots of cooking going on, so Angie and I offered to walk the kids a block away to the park.

And it was picture time! 

After forcing the kids to smile for me, they were FINALLY able to play!

The kids were using rocks and wood chips to make “food.” This is pizza.




Once they had made all the dinner for everyone, they started the climbing!

Sweet Ladies kept climbing up and down this little area. Lucas wanted to join in too.


Rosie and Ginger got obsessed with spinning around this cork screw ladder, and their sweet Aunt Angie was so kind to help them over and over and over.

While stepping away for a little break I found this sign.

Soon I was joined by a bunch of running kids.

Then back to play!

Then back to running. Judah wanted me to take a video of him running.



After we got all tired out, we made it back home to the parents who had missed their kids.

Dinner wasn’t quiet ready yet, so I brought the kids down stairs to watch a quiet movie:

We watched the Song of the Sea.


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