Valentines Date Night

On the recommendation of my little sister Chelsea, we got tickets to see the Grasstoots Shakespeare company. 
They are a little Utah theater company started by our friend Brother. 
They are a Shakespeare company dedicated to performing The Bard’s work as it was done in his day. So they only start rehearsal the week before hand, few to no women in the production, they all make their own costumes, and the funnest part is they highly encourage audience participation. They want you to cheer hoot and hauler. They encourage boos and answering actors questions. 
The super fun thing about that particular performance was that is was held in the SLC Masonic temple. A SUPER cool old building. We got there a little early, so we were able to look around.  

We were finally able to take our seats and the openers went on in this awesome room. 

The show was Romeo and Juliet. 

The show was great! 
The Masonic temple was right down the street from Maryn’s place so before we went to dinner we stopped by to say hi. And to meet little Theo! 

Karl and Theo said hi! 

Fun fact:
The hair on Theo’s head is dyed pink, from Maryn’s lip stick and kisses. 
Dinner was at Greek Slovaki, and was so nice to just sit and eat together. 
Love Karl, and nights we get to spend time just us. 

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