Marti Gras

Fat Tuesday! Making it fun and family friendly is a snap.

All ready to get going for some fun with friends.

We had the Barton family over to join us! 

We made masks. With feathers and washi tape. 
Next we made fruit loop necklaces. 

Its a great thing to do since it is a snack and a activity.
Next we went down to the playroom and played with glow sticks. 

We ended with a “king cake” cup cake treat. 
The king cake is actually a cinnamon bread  that you bake a baby inside of. 
I tried a king cake several years ago, and it was a fail. This year I went ahead and made some cup cakes. I put this little guy we got in San Fransisco. 
Mirah was so fast to eat hers I was worried she might had eaten the baby. 
We used Purple, Green and Yellow sprinkles. 

Thatcher had it in her cupcake anyway. 

It was so much fun with everyone. 

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