Another long Monday

Another weird long Monday.
Last week we had a dentist appointment, Karen was in the hospital, Lucas turned 6 months, it was Maryn’s birthday… 
This Monday started early again. Lucas had his 6 month appointment.
Unfortunately the office was running behind and it was an hour and a half after our appointment time that we ever saw the doctor. 
Lucas got his morning nap in he car seat. 
Once we made it into the room, Mirah read Lucas a couple of books. 
I had unfortunely not had much sleep the night before and I was really tired. Still suffering the exhaustion that comes with Mono. 

Also the boredom and frustration of waiting with two small impatient children. 
At last the doc made it in and everything looked good. 
Lucas is growing well, and is right on track. 
We came home, and my amazing friend Kami came over to take care of the kids for me for a hour or so so I could get a nap in. #blessed
She left around 3 and It was business as usual until we went over to our friend’s the Hill’s house for dinner. They are old friends from our Legacy days and they just bought a house in Lindon. 
They had us all over for dinner. The Hoffmans and the Dixon’s too. 
The kids played and we had FHE together, and the kids played some more. 
They had a blast together. 
Sarina Hill had quite the dress up collection, and there were even some impressive formal gowns in the box. Mirah was in heaven. 

We went to bed right away when we got home. 
Only to be awoken by a work call in the middle of the night. 
No rest for the weary. 🙂 
On the bright side, Karl has a good job, and the kids slept through the night, even if we didn’t.

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