Karen Got Appendicitis

Poor Karen.
Poor Krysta. 
I know this isn’t my story to tell. Not really, but I was such an awful day, and I just want these things in one place to look back and remember. 
So lets start back on Friday:

Krysta and Karen came over. They stayed with Mirah and Lucas while I was in therapy and then we spent the evening together. Karen and Mirah played together all afternoon and evening.

Krysta text me:
“Karen has the flu, sorry if we pass it onto you guys”
She had thrown up, had no energy, and a really bad tummy ache. 
Also, she didn’t eat.
By Saturday night she started with a bad fever. 
Karen described it to Krysta like this:
“I can feel the weight of my body…you know how I’m heavy? I can feel it”
No news to me that day. 
I found out later things stated to get worse. Krysta started to worry. So like the good mom she is she started to read online, and made calls to her cousin who is a doctor and it was clear that Karen was having more than just a flu. She was still not eating, Her fever was bad, and she was having terrible pain in her right side. 
So into the emergency room they went. And sometime in the middle of the night her appendicitis was confirmed. 
She had surgery first thing on Monday morning. 
I was able to get there right as Karen came out of recovery. 
Karen was totally passed out. 
Krysta and I were pretty emotional when I got to her. 
Poor Krysta had been up all night, and has just been through the ringer. Not to mention poor Zac who was stuck out in Ohio. He desperately wanted to be home with his family but just couldn’t get home. But like his mom Janna said when I got there (she had rushed up from St. George when she heard about it) emergencies happen. It’s just a hard thing that happens sometimes when you work far from home. I know Zac was grateful that his mom could be there when he was stuck far away. 
I was thankful she was there too.  It turned out I couldn’t stay long. I found out on my way to the hospital that you must be 14 to visit the pediatric wing so I couldn’t bring the kids with me. I called Belle who was studying in the library at the time, and she agreed to angelically sit in the car with the kids while I visited.
Moments after my arrival a huge team of nurses, doctors and pharmacists came in to give Krysta the run down of what was happening with Karen. 
This was her primary doctor, I don’t recall his name. 
But here was her team:
Most of the next few pictures were taken by Krysta and stolen by me from Facebook.

It took awhile for Karen to wake up. She never really woke up while I was there. She smiled at me a little and told me in a groggy voice that her stomach still hurt.

Mirah was really bummed that she couldn’t visit. So we sent a Madaline dolly to visit in her place.
We had used this doll to explain what was going on with Karen. 

Karen improved lots over that first day:
Krysta posted this:
Fenise, the greatest most perfect nurse for Karen. And my sweet MIL. Karen is in good hands and we should be home tonite! ‪#‎littlebirdonanadventure‬
Around 7:00 that day, the same day as Karen’s surgery:

She’s home!! So sleepy but doing fantastic! Thank you everyone!!

We visited on Tuesday. Karen was still in TONS of pain. To add insult to injury, Karen had a cold and every time she coughed she was in tons of pain.

When we were there she just wanted to lay there and watch Ponyo, which was Okay with us. We love that movie. Mirah was really nervous around Karen. It was weird to have her  laying down and not laughing and playing like normal. Krysta said that some of Karen’s other friends came that night too and they had a very similar reaction. It made me sad to see he in so much pain. 

Around 7:30 that night Krysta posted this:
I expected today to be roses and rainbows, but it wasn’t. Karen has had a hard day, surgery is scary and being in pain is scary for her. She threw up dinner, but she’s still found a way to be positive. Thank you to everyone who stopped by. It helps her remember to be her old self. Hoping for a smoother day tomorrow. ‪#‎littlebirdonanadventure‬
According to Krysta things on Wednesday were tons better. He pain level was getting better AND the best news of all, Zac was finally home! His return infused Karen and Krysta with new energy and a more positive outlook on life.

Things are going much better a week later and we are all so thankful that our sweet Karen is ok. 

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