Festival of Trees

SO for the second time, we went to the annual Festival of Trees. It is a charity event put on to benefit Primary Children’s Hospital.


People donate amazing tree and displays that they have made and then people buy them, and all the money goes to the hospital. People make Them in honor of all kinds of people, including children that have been at the hospital.


I took so many silly pics, just to enjoy in the future.

This tree made me think of my parents.



This one was dedcaed to a mother and daughter who died while trying to save a cousin at Bear Lake.

The display was called have courage and be kind. Yeah, I was crying.

Betsy, Nick, and the kids came with us again. It was fun to go out together and see the cute kids reactions to everything.

Karl was in love with this cool thing. He wants to build one for Mirah…or himself.


Caitlin’s twin. 

Sweet Lucas was just so interested in all the little details.

This picture. A dad who died of Brain Cancer. 🙁

This dad and his kids who all died in a plane crash.


Then there were lots of crazy types of trees, like this one. 

And this one:

And this one:

Then some fun just CRAZY trees, so totally overloaded with stuff:

A book that I want to get for my mom:

A hungry caterpillar tree.

Then this horrifying thing:

There was a whole quilt section. BUT this one was not over there and it was so cool. Look at the quilting.

A little Moana tree.

This cute UP tree.

Really fun and EMO.

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