Maryn’s Birthday Party

After a week of coordinating and texting, I finally accomplished my goal:
A birthday dinner for Maryn!
Maryn came and spent the evening with us on Saturday and spent the night. It was so nice to spend time together.
Krystin was the next one to arrive! 
Next Adam and Belle. 
Lucas was tired, but pleased to see them. 
Cam and Kelly soon arrived. 
And we had dinner and dessert. 
Tacos for dinner and rice crispies for dessert. Per Maryn’s request. 
We sang happy birthday! 

Excited to eat! 
Cam looks a bit tired. 
The lovely Maryn cutting her own cake. 
KP and Lukey. 
Kelly and Reese. 
Reese and Lucas are starting to “play” together. 
We headed down stairs for dessert and a show. 

That’s my boyfriend. 

We watched undercover boss- Kylo Ren. 
Happy birthday Maryn.
It was seriously so nice to be together.
Love you. 

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