The Baby Blessing

After the pictures were all done, the house was so warm and cozy. We gathered around and got ready to bless the baby ladies. 

Lucas and Malia. 
Nicky and his mama Maggie. 
With the girls. 
Rachel and Hazel.
Dinner was served. 
Pulled Pork Sandos with 
Delicious Mac n Cheese. 

Super yummy punch and spinach dip with chocolate peppermint cookies for dessert. 
Everyone was happy. 

Especially grandma Maggie. 
Charlie was pretty stokes too. 
Caitlin and my family. 
Betsy and her mama. 
And a coockoo Mirah. 


My fave shot of the night. 
Grandma Maggie with the boys. 

Babies blessed. 

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