Lucas Lately

His cute face. Is facial scratch is taking FOREVER to heal. But he still smiles all of the time.

He is really starting to get into everything. EVERYTHING. We can’t leave anything on the counter. And I came down to make breakfast for the kids the other morning and this is what I found:

Speaking of leaving things out:

I wrapped Karen’s birthday gift, and Lucas found it on a counter and unwrapped it.  Sigh.


We are still in the middle of the terrible twos. He is trying SO hard to talk to us. And when we can’t figure out what he is saying, or if I have to say no, it is over.

He often ends up face down on the floor…

Or at the table…

Or screaming in the car while kicking the seats because he threw something in anger and he wants we to give it back to him.

But, he is so so so so cute, even though he sleeps in my room and keeps us up all night 3/7 days of the week. Even though he prefers to eat food off of my plate even though his plate is full of the same food.

He is a handsome, mean, sweet, funny, baby bully.

It’s a phase I hope, not the handsome funny stuff, but the rest. I hope.  I mean, this is motherhood right? Your kids break your heart, just to warm it up and fix it all up so you feel love you never knew, only for them to step on it, and spit it out again.

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