Karen turns 10!!

Baby Karen is officially double digits today!!!

I do this every year I know, but I just love to remember how tiny she once was.
Here she is on her 1st birthday.

And now on her 10th:

A couple of days before her birthday we  all went out to her favorite restaurant for dinner, India Palace.  She getting to the picky age and Krysta’s comment was that she doesn’t even like Indian food that much anymore, she just loves to get Mango Lassi’s.

On her birthday, she had a birthday party! They went to the shops at the Rivierwoods and planned on having Dole Whips at the Provo beach resort. BUT they are remodeling it, and so we had 10 kids and had to figure something else out. Krysta and Zac had the kids outside of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and gave everyone ice cream there.

We even opened gifts there.

The plan was to go over to the movies afterwards. On own way over, Mirah fell, and busted open her lip. She bled and bled and bled.

The full story is that Zac and I were walking the gifts back to the Whitmore’s car. On our way back, Karen comes running up to me and frantically explains that Mirah fell and that her mom was taking her to the bathroom because she was bleeding.

We were 10 steps behind them on their way to the bathroom. Mirah later told me the blood tasted salty. 🙁

She was wearing a fortunate color. All the “wet” stuff on her shirt is blood.

She was feeling pretty upset and hurt and bummed. BUT she really wanted to go to the movies with all of those cool big kids. So after taking her home to change, she was able to go to the movie and have a GREAT time.

The kids went to Ferdinand.

Image result for ferdinand

They loved it.

Mirah came home from the party and took a nap. Here she is when she woke up:

I think that I was owed a fall on the face while Krysta was in charge. It happened so many times when I was in charge of Karen. Like on St. Patrick’s day when she was 2. She fell and bonked her lip in a very similar way.

She was a champ. And it was no biggie.

While looking for the time when she fell and was bleeding and didn’t even know it, I fell down a rabbit hole of Karen love and pictures so I thought it would be a cute place to put some fun highlights of my want to be mom time with Karen.

Like how we celebrated like every holiday together when she was so little.

Like how cute she looked when we woke up while camping at Nebo Creek with the ward, and she insisted on having her own muffin for breakfast even though it was the size of her amazing face.


Or when we did the Zombie run together and she couldn’t keep her eyes off Zombie Karl. She uttered the amazing phrase, “I don’t like your blood,” that has become a family saying over the years.





Or when we went snow shoeing and she was too small to hike along side of us, but still a little too big to be carried.


But her dad carried her anyway and ti was the cutest thing ever.



Or when we all walked to the Bean Museum together and she looked amazing in her little romper thing. And we all me “Helaman Potter”

Or when Krysta and I did the Lavendar run and she was so over being in the Chariot.

But nobody really minded because she was so cute and wanted to help push.

Or when we went to do the Sensuous sandwich challenge for Abe Lincolns birthday and was about the size of the sandwich.

Or when she turned six, and had a Christmas theme birthday party.

Or when we made her wear a tape mustache and she HATED it.


Or the day we biked to the pumpkin patch and had that weird meal at the Trolly place.




Or when we went to the festival of colors and she was so excited to through the chalk.



Or that time she called the peacock at Bombay house a Peagle.


Or when she was Wonder Woman for comic con.

Or this crazy day??!!

Or when she got baptized!

And how she plays roller derby.

Okay, we need to end this.  I could go on forever.


Love you lady girl Karen! Here’s to 100 more years!

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