Norman Rockewell and the Creamery

With family in town but most everyone still at work we kept ourselves busy with fun Provo stuff.
One such outing happened on Monday when we headed over to BYU to check out the bookstore and ended up at the Norman Rockwell exhibit then lunch. 

It was a small but impressive exhibit. 

Mom was especially excited about it. She remembers growing up with these magazines around in her Grandmother’s home. Here she is showing Mirah. 

We had a blast together. The kids actually did pretty well, but by the end of the outing Mirah was starving and Lucas was passed out. 
So we all headed over to the Creamery on Ninth for a delicious lunch. 

Mirah is so lucky, in so many ways. One of the biggest is that she has such wonderful Aunts and Uncles who love her so much. Brandon and Leah are two such loving examples. They sat and ate with her at lunch that day so sweetly. Not only that day but the whole time they were here, they were just so good with her. So kind, patient and attentive. 

Mirah loves them both so much. 

Speaking of sweethearts:

Lucky, and blessed. Yep, I love these two. 

Mirah had a hot dog, fries, and lemonade for lunch. 
Her $4.00 kids meal also came with a scoop of their famous ice cream, and thankfully no toy. 
I great deal for a good meal. 
I had this deluxe double cheese burger with “spicy fries”
The food was all pretty amazing. I had forgotten how good actually. We ordered WAY too many fries. They have cracked pepper, spicy (which taste just like Rally’s fries), garlic (which Brandon and Leah got and were very good) and regular. If you ever need a good burger and fries this is a great place to go. As long as you don’t mind that they don’t have caffeine on tap. 😉 
Super fun day. 

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