Cookie Time!

I wish I had a picture to share of the at least one of the times we decorated cookies as kids growing up. My mom was always so cute about it. It was always one of my favorite traditions and has now become an important part of our family’s Christmas traditions.

This year, thankfully, I have had people around to help in keeping it up.
The number one person on this one:
My amazing sister Krystin.

She has also kept up this tradition, and it was Krystin who wanted to make sure this happened. It was she who planned out the activity bought the ingredients, made the dough, and baked all the cookies. She is an excellent baker BTW. She is one of the few among us with the patients and talent for it.

Mirah and Mom were excited and ready to cut out all the cookies. You see Mirah has been practicing and planning for this almost as much as Krystin. Ever since our visit home for Thanksgiving Mirah has been rolling out play dough and cutting out “cookies.” But she hasn’t been able to eat any of them so you can imagine how excited she was to get her hands dirty and tummy full of REAL cookies.

Me and Lucas…while everyone else baked. 
Yeah, I am not much of a baker. 

So the cookies were all cut and baked in the morning. 

Then after church and dinner, it was cookie decorating time!
Mirah was all ready for this part too.
Lots of M&M’s for her. 
Everyone else was ready to get in on this part too. 

Krystin has added a very important and hilarious part to this tradition. 
Everyone must make a cookie of themselves. 
I think it is safe to say that our resident artist, Leah,  took the challenge the MOST seriously. 
Here she is mixing her frosting to create the perfect colors. 

Top: Belle
Bottom: Adam
Tree: Mirah
Top: Krystin
Bottom: Me
Far Right: Mom

Mirah is really getting good. 
Leah…getting more serious.
Mirah also getting serious, about sprinkles. 

The whole gang. 
Top: Belle, Adam, Leah, Brandon.
Bottom: Mirah, Karl, Allison, Maryn, Mom.
NOTE: We spent the entire week of Christmas eating these amazing cookies. They were perfectly soft and delicious. Also important to note,  as far as the next Sunday, no one had eaten Brandon or Leah’s cookies. Everyone felt a little too weird about it. 😉
After cookies, we headed over to Chez de Reddoch for game night. 
Keeping up family traditions all over the place. 

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