Breakfast and A Christmas Show

December the 18th started cold and early. Yes, it is my lovely little sister’s birthday, but also it was the day that my favorite little brother 😉 and his amazing wife came to town!  

With a sense of adventure and a desire to miss driving in the snow in their hearts they chose to take the Amtrak Train for Eugene Or to Provo Ut. After 36 hours of travel they arrived at 4:30 AM at the Provo Amtrak station. Station is a generous word, it was a three sided box with two ineffective space heaters in it full of garbage and cigarette buds.

We came back to the house and slept then met up with Adam and the birthday girl for breakfast at Joes! It was way too busy, so we decided to come back later for breakfast, but not before getting this sweet pic:

From Joe’s we went to Mirah’s Preschool’s Christmas performance. 
Santa came and left presents for Mirah in her stocking and a little card for me too.
This little picture was inside the card. 
Like a sweet little angel picture. 

We all got there a little early and good thing we did too, we were almost in the back, but at least we were all sitting together. 
Brandon, Leah, Belle, Malia, Karl, Me and Lucas. 
After everyone was settled I dropped Mirah in the green room, (AKA her classroom to wait to go on stage.)
Playing with her friends.
Meanwhile back with the gang. 
Malia and Karl were hanging out. 
Malia was with us that day for a couple of reasons. 
1. She wanted to be where all the fun was.
2. She had stayed the night after babysitting the late the night before while we went to Star Wars.
Leah and Lucas were falling in love as they spent time together for the first time. 
The time before the show went by so quickly since it was so nice to chat and be together. 
Soon enough the performance began and my face hurt from smiling so hard. 
I know I am biased but really, Mirah was the best dancer of the group. 
Things got going and it was all just so cute. 
More dancing around the tree. 
She did so great! She was so happy and excited. 
We headed out to the parking lot and I just couldn’t help taking a few more pictures of Bleah.
I was just SO excited that they were here!!
Back to Joe’s for breakfast the place was still packed.
Joe was feeling festive in his Santa bolo tie and hat. 
Leah loved the place, especially the decor. 
Millions of pancakes. I just want to eat them everyday. 
The gang split up after breakfast. Ahh, perfect morning. 

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