Karen Whitmore's Turing 8!!!

Karen is 8 today. I just can’t believe it.

I have been with Karen on all but ONE of her birthdays. Lets look back:
Karen on her first birthday, he mom made her a cape with a big K on it.

 Karen on her 2nd birthday. Lots of little kids who she had made friends with from the neighborhood were there.

3rd Birthday. We biked to Slab pizza and she got her kitty cat piano.

4th birthday. We went to Nickel City with a million adults and got tons of tickets.

Her 5th birthday she was in Nevada.

6th birthday: The Christmas themed party. We still have the ornament that we made that day.

Her 7th Birthdday:

 Loosing her teeth, at India Place.

Now this year: Karen is 8. 
So when we got this epic invitation we were totally psyched!! 

For this birthday Karen had a party at Classic Skating. 
The girls. 
Mirah trying out skates for the first time. 
She did great on the carpet… 

Krysta made the home made cupcakes with the pearl sprinkles that Belle had at her wedding. 
We had our own table and everything! 
I had Luke on the bjourn and for the first little while Mirah wanted me to hold her hand. 

Meanwhile Karen was FLYING around the floor. 

We decided to go play on the blow toys. 
Lucas and me watching Mirah play. 

Meanwhile back at the ranch…
Time for snacks and cupcakes!
Happy Birthday! 

After all of that, Mirah was back on the floor…

After the party the fun continued at Red Lobster.

Jaquline, Logan and Graham met up with us there. 

My sister. 
I got the shrimp trio. 

As a special treat we met a real live lobster. 
Mirah was especially excited about it. 
Happy brithday to my first daughter Karen.
Thanks to Krysta for always including us. I love your whole family so much. 

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