It’s a Wonderful Life and Spudnuts 2015

One of our favorite holiday traditions…”It’s a Wonderful Life and Spud Nuts”
The first time I every did this was when I was a missionary in Albania. We were at the Lenhart’s apartment in Tirana.  The Lenhart’s are from Idaho and she made us Spudnuts. Potato donuts.
The first time we made this was in 2009:

This was Karen on that day:

Karen now:
And Judah Asher. 
We had soup for dinner. I made my chicken noodle soup. Betsy brought some delicious rotisserie chicken soup with rice.  
Karl was in charge. 
The kids were ready to help. 

It was dressed in my Christmas 

Karl was of course the architect of this loveliness. I love him so much. 
He made the frosting and fried all of the dough, then frosted all of them. 
We watched the movie, and held babies, and laughed and cried. 
Crying, like you do when watching this movie. 

The kids getting cozy and cute watching the movie. 
Everyone had their fill of dough nuts, and soup and watched the movie. 
Feeling happy anout Christmas. 

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