Qualtrics Casino Night

Around thanksgiving Qualtircs started hinting at what they would be doing for their holiday party.
They gave a few hints:
1. No sit down dinner
2. No formal entertainer
3. It would be interactive.

I immediately guessed casino night.
So when this invitation came:

I was not surprised but still very excited!

It was black tie encouraged.
So on the day we got all dressed up and ready to go. Kelsey took the kids for us, and gave us all the time we would want to be out and party. 

The party was in their new building.
This huge sign was waiting for us when we got off the elevator:
We were each given a $1000 chip.

But first dinner. 
My favorite thing:
A shrimp covered ice sculpture. 

They had a mocktail bar and ham and roast carving stations. They had these incredible Korean rice bowls, and yummy appetizers circulating around on trays. 
These lovely flower covered sculptures. 

Once we were fed, we started to “gamble”

We spent most of our time playing Black Jack. 

Here with Karl’s old Qualtics buddy Josh Kazier. 
This is our dealer, Gage. 
Becasue it was fake money, the dealers were super easy on us. 
They way it worked:
For every 100 dollars you had at the end of the night, you got one ticket.
We had several thousand tickets by the end of the night. So we put lots of tickets for a raffle.

We didn’t win anything…

We had awesome desserts at the dessert bar and dance party on the third floor.
Then on our way out stopped to take some pictures.

Their best party yet. 

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