Conference Weekend

So conference weekend was basically this:
For two straight days. 

We had snacks and papers and stickers to keep Mirah occupied. 

Lots of snuggles. 
During priesthood session Mirah and I went on a mom date. Where we ended the evening at the candy bin area of Winco. She got to choose which candies we bought. 
Vampire teeth gummies. 
Sunday morning brought this lady. 
We made omelets and cinnamon rolls and had fresh fruit and juice. 
Adam arrived about half way through the morning session. 
Sunday afternoon it was just us again. 
Lots of great talks, and tears shed. 
We learned about ponderizeing:

My first scripture. My mission scripture. 
Great sessions of conference. Time to take stock and try to be better. 
I need to PRAY. 

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