Freezer Jam

So our pre conference preparation this fall was much more relaxed than ever before. We hardly planned a menu, we didn’t officially invite anyone over, BUT, I did decided to do one little specail thing to make get ready for our General Conference celebration: I made freezer jam. Strawberry & Raspberry freezer jam.
Step one:
Occupy your children. 
Clean and sort your berries.
Mash and smash, and chop your berries. 
The raspberries broke down with a potato masher. 
The strawberries were a little more work. 
I cut the tops off. Cut out the white parts. Then Blended then up in a blender. 
4. Strain out the seeds. 
I inherited this baby from my grandma denny. 
I strained them separately. Raspberries 3 times. Strawberries twice. 
Two pounds of strawberries and 20 onzes of raspberries gave me 4 cups of crushed berries. 
5th:Add 20 Tablespoons of sugar to the various mixtures of fruit compote. 
I made three pure strawberry half pints. One Pure raspberry half pint. One combo. 
All of this, so that I could do the mormon mom thing, and serve freezer jam with my rolls for Sunday dinner. It only really took about an hour. Super easy. 

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