A Lucas Update

So Lucas will be 3 months soon and I am just more and more in love with his perfect little person all of the time. New borns have their own littler personalities but it is so much fun to interact as they get a little older. 
This little guy loves to give me a smirk. 
My mom sent us this little number in celebration for the holiday. 
Big smile. 

Here he is in a cool guy outfit given to us from his cool Aunt Kelly and Uncle Cameron. 
All tuckered out from being so cool. 
This guy, loves to snuggle. 
He loves to be tickled. He loves to get naked and pee everywhere! 

Little smiler. 

He is getting so alert and engaged these days. 


He has started to laugh, little cutie, and loves to sit and be read to a listen to silly songs.
More in love every day. 

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