Painting on the Porch

Over the past couple of weeks Mirah has suddenly shown a great interest in painting. With my hands full with the baby, preschool, and keeping the house in order…getting to a messy project like painting has been tough. Still she has been getting into so much attempted painting trouble. It started with he finding some paint brushes when I was working on a project. 
She would lick the brushes and paint with her spit. 
Then she moved onto painting with lotion. 
It was easy to get mad, still easier to get over it. It was so cute. 
So, we promised her if she would not paint with anything, we would paint with her that week.
Saturday morning rolled around, and under the gun we got all the stuff out. 
She took to it with gusto! 
Painting on one of Dad’s WORST shirts.

Lucas, Karl and I sat and watched and talked all about what she was painting. 
Lucas here in his sock monkey sweater. 
My little sweetie. 
Her hair. It’s such a cute mess. 
Dancing and painting. 
See them both here in action.

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