Summer Time, This Week

Things are moving right along. The main difference in my life these days is wake up time. I have always considered myself a morning person. But with late night feedings and little ladies having nightmares, I am not getting much sleep these days.

Lucas will give me 3 hours at a time on a good night. BUT, more commonly he is doing 1 1/2 to 2 hour stints of sleep, and I am super tired. Here is one I sent to Karl after he left for work the other morning:

Really such a sweet little guy. 
Any time I take a picture, Mirah wants in on the action. I always oblige her, since I love her so much too. 
Updates of little Luke. 
He is really starting to take his pacifier more. Which is good since I don’t want him sucking on his fingers. Also, he loves to have his head scratched…just like his dad. 

Mirah is actually doing really well so far with the changes. We are doing what we can to assure her we love her so much still. I am also trying to keep up with the same kinds of activities that we participated in before Lucas was born. Like story time at the Library. 
This week story time was all about growing a garden which Mirah knows all about. She know you have to plant seems, wanter them and let the sun shine on them.  I was so proud of her when she was looked over as a participant in the activity the story teller was doing and she didn’t get upset at all. She just watched intently, and then when there was a chance for her to participate she was so good.

Here she is as a little yellow flower.  

Waiting for water and sunshine. 
Lucas and I sat and watched. 
All the kids got a paper peach or strawberry with a little piece of candy in it. 
Mirah. I love her. 

We attempt a nap every afternoon. It is usually Lucas in his bassinet, Mirah on Karl’s side, and me telling Mirah to sleep.  Then she is sent to her own bed under protest for a half hour or so to have “quiet time.” She sits and reads, plays on her ipad, or uses her Frozen Me read system. 
Here we are after everyone was up. Lucas was just fed, and we were putting his pants on after a diaper change. Mirah was trying to do it. Cutely. 

When Karl got home, we have dinner, and often we end up in the back yard. This night we filled up the pool and had a little foot soak. 
Mirah LOVES the water so she got her suit on all by herself and got in. 
Lucas and I sat together. 

The tomatoes are finally starting to turn in bulk. Nothing I love better than eating a hot tomatoe off of the vine on a cool summer evening. 
Mirah feels the same way. 

The fall is coming. I am going to miss these days. 

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