Sailor Suit Sunday

Little Lucas is getting big. He seems heartier, and strong. This week I have gained experience and courage of as a new mom of two. I went to the store on my own this week. I took the kids to my doctors office by myself. We had our first play date at the park with friends. 
Then the biggest marker of them all:
Going to church. 
LDS families love to go to church. We love it so much, we go if we are sick, tired, sad. contagious…
So it has took a lot of courage and planning for me to get the kids ready on my own, and get them to church. We were ready a little early, so we took some family photos together. 
First of course:
The kids. 

My family.
The Boys

The Girls

Me and Luke

Me and the kids

 Mirah and Luke

Hite Family Summer 2015
Going to church together for the first time.

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