Lady Date

As per our New Years Goals, we are taking the kids out for an outing with one of their parents.

Lucas and Karl went on their own outing that Karl will post about, so here is what Mirah and I did.

Sweet Mirah picked everything we did. Including where we went to dinner.

She chose Zupas!

She got fruit and tomato soup.

Here she tells me all about it…

My dinner: Wild Mushroom Soup, and Nuts About Berries.

She picked the bounce house as our activity.

Here we are in the foam pit.

Mirah climbed though the scary secret tunnel. inspired by entrapment. You can see the bells, and it is only lit by black light. Mirah left me at the entrance and climbed toward the exit, you can see her socks glowing in the middle bottom of the frame.

We jumped on all of the bouces houses. We went down the big slide, and even the balloon room.

We ended our evening playing the Jurassic Park video game.  Mirah was very good at shooting the evil bugs.

Love this girl so freaking much.

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