Happy Birthday Karl

Karl turned 31 today. 
We kept it as simple as possible. 
Just a few presents that were all pre apporved. 
A few people over, with some cake and ice cream. 
Ended with a night talking and playing a board game with friends. 
For his brithday I got him some new shoes, the Benji Hughes albums on flash drive, a new version a Bang and game, and a new ultra slim wallet. 
The gang. 
Two cakes. 

Mirah too excited to wait for a fork. 

I can’t believe that I failed to mention up to the point that Krysta made us dinner! Yeah, she brought three full pans of her delicious chicken enchiladas. They are SO good. The last pan she even made home made tortillas. SO amazingly good.  She also did the dishes and cleaned up from dinner. Just…the best. 
I think Lucas LOVES his aunt Krysta. 
Thanks to everyone for coming and celebrating with us! 

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