Enjoying the Summer

So a week has gone by since we brought Lucas home from the hospital and things are starting to normalize. Well sort of. At this moment I am trying to write this and Lucas is sleepy but won’t go to sleep. He is actuing hungery even though I have been feeding him for an hour and a half and I have no milk in me. Sigh. This is the stuff about new borns that is hard. The sleep deprivation, and the reality that they can’t tell you why they are upset, and you are sent on a guessing game as to what is wrong. It is usually one of four or five things (IE hunger, diaper, gas, tired, etc)

Still he is mostly good. He sleeps and eats and poops, and is so sweet and cute.
Here he is with my mom the other morning. 
He has been a little bit jaundiced. So once a day or so we try to sit outside with him for a minute or two to get him a little bit of UV ray. Mostly we sit on the camping chairs on the shady porch and talk while he sleeps. 
The weather has been warm, but less hot than June. High 80’s to low 90’s.
Mirah loves to run around in the sprinkler while we sit outside. 
Me and mom. 
My mom. How would I have survived this first week with out her?

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