Strawberry days Rodeo

Last week Mirah attended her first RODEO!!! 

She was so excited. 
It is Utah’s oldest Celebration, Gleseant Grove Strawberry days!! And were were at the first night of the Rodeo! We of course all got the best thing there:
Strawberries and cream! 
Mirah at her dinner…of Doritos. 
She had all of her Strawberries too. Yes, this was a SPECIAL occasion. She usually eats a much more balanced meal.
We were there for two hours  and we only enjoyed four events:
Mutton busting.
The Cash cow event. Where they literally taped dollar bills to two young cows and had HUNDREDS of kids chase them. Just never. I would NEVER let my kids participate in EITHER of these events. 
Mirah wishes. 
There was also the presentation of the grand Marshall and the queens. 
We watched the bare back riding and the one where your jump off a horse and turn a cows horns onto the ground.  
Mirah was getting tired and so we left around 9. 

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