Baby Shower

I had a baby shower! My amazing friend Mary threw me a baby shower and everything was SO cute. 
She chose a bicycle theme, since she had been in my house and seen how much I love bikes.
I spent all day Friday getting the house ready. 

Mary is an amazing cook. Her menu was delicious. 
The ham and swiss hot sandwiches with a poppyseed glass on top were the main event. 
 Only slightly overshadowed by her lovely fruit pizza. 
 There was also salad and drinks. 
 And a party favor of chocolate covered Almonds. 
 With an cool note on top. 
 The party started and 11…and no one arrived until almost quarter after. 
 The ONLY picture I got from the whole day with someone was this shot with Belle we sent to my mom to make her jealous. 
There was a really great turn out though. Betsy came, and Kelly too. My friends from Legacy Apts Chelsea, Camille and Sydney stopped in. My friend from the ward Stephanie McDonald came. My best buddy from Heritage Claire came with her little girl. Speaking of best buddies Krysta was there of course. Chelsea and Kelsey were there too. Felt so much love. Feeling so much gratitude. 

Thanks to everyone who came. Thanks especially to Mary who did so much to make such a lovely party, I felt so special. 

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