Faux Camp Out

So for her birthday all Mirah asked for was a sleeping bag and to go camping. 
Between the constant rainy whether and our sickness we canceled the campout we had planned.  
We did do a little something in the back yard however.

When Karl got home from work he and Mirah set up the tent on the lawn. 

We had set aside a few special gifts to take with us camping. We pulled them all out after dinner. We had hot dogs on the grill for dinner.
Mirah got her big girl sleeping bag. 
Daddy daughter tent time. 
 Adam and Mirah played for a while as I got cleaned up and set up for dessert. 
Adam was the dinosaur. 
Mirah was the dino hunter. 
Dessert was s’mores. 
We tried to do it over the blow torch with little success. 
Karl thought it was just fine, but we insisted on a change of arena. 
So we pulled the grill apart. 
We were in business. 
It was a little cold. 

Karl was able to achieve a perfect golden brown. 
The father of my children ladies and gentlemen. 
Mirah was in heaven. Moments after this she took her treat back into the tent and had a little alone time with it. 
Mustache Mellow. 
Yeah, I just liked it. 
After dinner, bed time. In addition to her sleeping bag, she had been given a lamp, and a flashlight from grandma. 
Mirah’s sleeping bag, lamp and flashlight made it to bed with her. 
A nice indoor campout. 
Adam, Belle, Karl and I played Mario Kart into the night and were in our own beds before midnight. 
My kind of camping. 

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