Betsy’s Birthday!!

It was Betsy’s birthday last week so we decided to meet up for dinner. 
The kids were thrilled as usual to be together. 

Judah was really into his dinner. 
After dinner we headed over to our place to decorate cup cakes. 
Betsy is so sweet. When I asked her what kind of cake she wanted she said it would just be cool if we could have some cup cakes for her boys to decorate, since that was their birthday wish for her. 
So we did. 

Judah couldn’t get enough sprinkles. 
Asher just wanted the red ones. 
Mission accomplished. 
Time to light the candles! 
Karl thought a blow torch would be more efficient. 
Betsy and the boys were not super into it. 

The kids enjoyed the fruits of their labors. 

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