The Weenie Mobile

Lucas and I were just making a quick stop at our local Smiths. What did we meet there?

The Oscar Mayer Weenie mobile!

IMG_6431.JPG IMG_6432.JPG
IMG_6433.JPG IMG_6434.JPG



We played a game and got a whistle and a sticker.

I gave the whistle to Lucas with out thinking.

IMG_6438.JPG IMG_6440.JPG

It was quite loud in a small car.



It wasn’t as charming as the weenie whistle from the Santa Claus.

Even though I got Mirah a whistle, she still wanted to go and check it out for herself. So as soon as she had her whistle, we headed over to Smiths.

IMG_6447.JPG IMG_6459.JPG
IMG_6456.JPG IMG_6457.JPG

The kids saw these cardboard cut outs and asked to jump into them.

IMG_6458.JPG IMG_6460.JPG
IMG_6454.JPG IMG_6455.JPG

Bye bye weenie whistle mobile!


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