So I guess it is fair to say you are going to be seeing a lot of this kind of thing for a while. Yes, another little project on the house. 
This week, strip, sand, re-stain, and varnish the banisters in the house. 
This is the only picture I have of the banister…it was painted white. It was a latex paint, painted over a finished wood. So no surprise the day we moved it we bumped it with something and it has had a huge chunk of paint missing for the past 6 months. 
So we peeled most of the paint off while they were still on the wall the other night, it only took about 20 minutes. 
The paint made it tricky to get any of the hardware off we were barley able to get it off of the wall with out stripping the screws. So we did one little project every evening this week. 
Monday we stripped the wood. 
You can see why they chose to paint. The wood didn’t match. 
Tuesday we sanded and put on the first stain coats. 

We left quite a mess from all of the shavings. 
 They looked so pretty once they were ready to stain. 
We used the same stain that we had from the little play cabinet I did last summer. 
It looks so dark doing on. 
While we were out in the yard sanding our sweet neighbor Greg came over and edged the yard.
Another big check on a project. 
Wednesday we put on another stain coat.

Thursday evening and Friday morning we put on the lacquer.
Friday as soon as Karl got home from work we put them back on. 

They turned out really nice. 
It is one of those things that you wouldn’t notice if you weren’t told to. But we will notice everyday. I am so happy about it. 

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