Payson Temple Open House

Bright and early this morning Mirah and I got up and dressed in our Sunday best to go and visit the Payson Temple. Once we got off of the freeway it was like a funeral procession. We just followed the line of cars to the temple. 
Here is a pic from the car waiting in line to park. 

We parked in the actual temple parking lot. We followed the signs to the Stake Center next door and watched the movie that explains the meanings of temples and why we build them.

The we headed back to the temple in a big line of families and old people and young couples on dates.

Then of course pregnant girls and little ladies. 
It really is a lovely building. The color is kind of tan or brown, not white or granite like other temples I have seen. 

We walked through the tunnel of cute volunteers putting on plastic booties over our shoes. I wish I thougth to take a picture of Mirah’s feet in them. They were WAY too big. She loved then. She loved they the sound they made as she shuffled them on the floor.

So no pictures allowed in the temple. But here are the pics the church has released:

The reception area.

Everywhere there was glass. Covered in vines and flowers.

Right off of reception was the baptistry. SO much natural light and the murals were covered in lakes and rivers and ducks and deer.

Another lovely area was the Bridal room.

One of the ordinance rooms.
There was SO much lovely light.

The celestial room. Mirah wanted to sit on the couches. One of the volunteers was about to run and stop us but I was able to grab her before anyone yelled at us. 

Then up another huge flight of stairs to the sealing room.
Mirah and I took a look in the eternity that we find in mirrors together. I could see her little face smiling forever.

We sat on the front row and a couple told us about the eternal families that we make in through covenants in these sacred rooms. The sister told us about her son who died at the age of four and the comfort that comes from the blessing of temple covenants.

We walked down about a million stairs to the exit. 
Mirah and I too a sec to enjoy the tall and beautiful tulips that were all over the temple grounds.

We went into the temple visitors tent.

There were some cool close ups on the glass in the temple.

We stood in line and got an official pic from the temple.

We did get this shot too:

Then a few of little lady as we walked around the temple grounds.

Now a serious one.

Tyring to smile…and not really succeeding.

It really is a beautiful area. I liked Payson much more than I thought I would.

You can see Timp in the distance.
Feeling grateful for another house of the Lord coming to our area. 

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