Adam’s Last Lacrosse Game

The day had finally arrived, Adam’s Lacrosse game!
Oh, did you know my sister Chelsea is dating a boy who plays on BYU’s La Cross team?
Well she is. 
We had been trying to make it to one of his games all season, but for whatever reason we always had a conflict. Finally for his last home game of the season we were able to make it. Adam plays THIRD string, yes the team is HUGE, so he doesn’t always play. He text us and let us know that he would definably be playing this game so we were super excited to go and watch!

There had been a little drizzel in the hours leading up to the game. The sky was cloudy, and it looked like more rain. So we bundled up, layered up and went out to the BYU South Field for the game. 

Mirah was all decked out in her blue and white with two BYU palm palms. 
We made it!
We all had a shirt, a sweater, and a windbreaker on for protection. 
Mirah had snow pants and snow shoes on too. 
We also each had a blanket. We left the umbrella’s in the car because from our experience at the BYU football stadium they were not allowed. Turns out that is not the case at the South Field. 
When we got there the teams were just coming out the field. 
Adam is number 46 in the Grey sweat pants. 
At first, Mirah was INTO it.
Belle and Mirah. 
Adam’s awesome family from Boise was there to support too!
From left Adam’s older brother, his dad Dave, and his mom Janet. 
They were seriously the sweetest people. Janet was so engaging, affable, and fun. She was so sweet to Mirah and so fun with Chelsea. We gabbed about her mission in the Philippines, her courtship with Dave, and about living in Boise. Dave overheard me telling Chelsea that I didn’t know anything about La Cross. The then SO SWEETLY spent the entire first half of the game telling us all about it. It made the whole thing SO much more enjoyable. We really were following the game by the end. 

By half time Adam still hadn’t played. There he is staying warm during half time. 
In the grey sweats. 
As the game came to the half it started to really rain. In the middle of the third quarter Mirah’s ability to simply sit and wait was disappearing. So Karl went with her to get some snacks for the group. 
The soft pretzel they got didn’t make it back with them. 
It did make a perfect little bag for Mirah to put her popcorn. 
Karl got us some popcorn, but after about 20 minutes the popcorn bag was soaked. 
In the fourth quarter they brought Adam out to play!
Here he is warming up. 
The people in the row of seat above us all had umbrellas that would periodically dump all of their water onto our heads. We were getting drenched but Adam was finally on and we wouldn’t miss it for the world!
The light green is the dry part of my blanket. 
Mirah and Karl had gone and a walk. They went to go see Adam up close. I don’t know if I have mentioned that Mirah LOVES Adam. 
My forethought in Mirah’s dress was really paying off at this point. 
She just refused to keep her hoods up. 
Yes her hair was SOAKED, but she was happy and having a great time. 
Here is Chelsea trying to get her hands nice and warm. 
Karl says she looks like Gollum in this picture. 
Well not surprisingly BYU won the game. 18-3.  
Adam had three blocks and let one by. It was a great time.

We said good night to Adam’s family and headed to the car.

We got to the car, took off all of Mirah’s wet outerwear and she was still toasty and dry in her pants and long sleeve tee underneath. Her toes and fingers were still a little chilly so we gave her a warm bubble bath when we got home. She was all tuckered out, and so were we

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