FHE with the Lunds

So, I know I have said lots lately how much we love our ward and the people in it. One of the wonderful families that we especially love in our ward are the Lunds. I don’t recall if I have had them on the blog yet but just incase here is a brief intro. Mary Lund and I met in the Mt. Timpanogos temple moments after I offered a prayer to make a new friend in our ward. The funny thing, was that she was offering a similar prayer at the same moment. Her husband Barney is my age, Mary is Karl’s age. 🙂 They are both returned missionaries. They are from Orem and Bountiful. They had three little girls. Millie 5, Alice 3, Ivy 2. We have been over for dinner at their place, had many play dates and park dates and we feel so blessed that they are our friends.

So, for FHE this week we had the whole gang over for dinner and FHE at our place. I love being friends with Mary. She is such a calm presence. I tell her all that all of the time. I feel so crazy and neurotic most of the time that having a solid friend like Mary is such a blessing. Plus with their extra years of parenting experience they just seem like pros and offer such good advice on stuff. So when Mary offered to give the lesson for FHE I was excited to see what she would do. She did NOT disappoint.

After a dinner of a spaghetti and meatballs we piled into the front room. We sang head shoulders knees and toes for and opening song. Then after a prayer given by Alice, Mary taught us another song about our bodies that I had never heard before. It is called Tony Chestnut and is sung like head shoulders knees and toes where you bend over and touch each body part as you say them.

Here are the words:

Toe knee chest nut
Noes eye love you
Tow knee chest nut noes

Toe knee chest nut
Noes eye love you
That’s what toe knee chest nut noes.

The girls loved this song and we sang it through a few times so Karl and I could get the hang on it. 

The lesson was on the blessings receive from our bodies. Mary asked all the girls to tell her something that we can do with our bodies. I don’t remember all of the answers, but I do remember Mirah said she can sing and dance which made me laugh. Then Mary asked the girls what cool thing that I was doing with my body. They were confused and said, “sitting on the couch.” Yes, that was true, but then I pointed to my belly, and they all said, “having a baby!!” Mary said that was a blessing we have from our bodies was to be able to have babies and create families. We are able to do service, and play. She bore her testimony that heavenly father loves us so he gave us a body to have lots of important experiences with. So simple and so cool.

 Afterwards Mary brought out a big roll of brown paper and had each of the girls lay on it so that she could trace their bodies.
She had Mirah go first. 

Mirah, complete with ponytail.
Mary gave Mirah a marker and told her she could decorate herself, and even add a face. 
Here is Mirah’s “face.”

Next Millie.
Then Alice. 

Then Ivy.
I mean…
The girls all went to work decorating their little bodies. It was so cute. 
Alice made sure that she got her belly button on there. 
Mirah was making progress. 
Millie looking good!
We had a closing song, “I Know That Heavenly Father Loves Me.” Mirah gave the closing prayer. 
The girls went downstairs and played after that and the grown ups sat upstairs and talked. Mary had also brought home made cinnamon rolls for dessert which we all ate, then called the kids up to have some. It was a really fun night. I think the girls had a great time. 
The next morning the only sign that they were there besides the dishes that I was avoiding and the toys the girls had left everywhere were Ivy’s tiny little shoes. 
Again, feeling grateful. 

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