Ward Clean Up

Saturday morning dawned bright and early. We were thinking that the ward cleanup would start around 9. Nope. There was a quick breakfast that the church and then they were off. What is the ward clean up? Well, from what we have gathered it started oh about 10 years back when Orem city stopped doing their spring pick up our amazing ward started to do it for themselves.

Since then it has ecalated into a ward service day. Where everyone helps everyone get everything out of the yard etc that we can all haul away. Here they are taking our pile of wood chips, yard waste and tree branches out of our yard. 

One memeber even brought a backhoe which he used to pull out about a dozen stumps from various yards in the ward that day. He also removes about 20 rose bushes from our neighbor’s yard, 
Really after just a couple of hours things were all but done on our street. 
While waiting for the trailers to get back from their various trips to the dump, Karl and I set to work on our own yard. We pulled 10 dozen dandelions from the lawn along the sidewalk. 
Our neighbor Grace was being so sweet and helpful with the little kids in the neighborhood while all the grownups worked. 
After service was over we moved the lawn, organized and swept the backyard and did a few other things around the house. We celebrated our accomplishments with some delicious donuts.  
Loving this neighborhood and our ward more everyday! 

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