Youth Paid Us a Visit

So in preparation for ward clean up, (more on that later) and as a part of the Cascade 2nd Ward’s 7 days of service, the youth went around the neighborhood doing service for families in our ward. I was in their testimony meeting today during third hour.  They did a hour or more of service every day for the past week for members in the ward. We were blessed to be on their list for Tuesday. They came over to our house and cleared out all of these terrible red wood chips from our side yard. 
This is Tai. She and her sister Moana (back turned behind her) played on the Young Women’s basket ball team that I coached. I LOVE these girls. Karl and I went and saw Tai in her middle school production of High School Musical last month and we LOVED it. 
Far right, Kamrah King, our neighbor. Tai again. Moana sit avoiding the camera. Allison Campbell the Young women’s president. Then Abby, who also played on the team with us. 
Here is Allison again with her son, I think Zac. Maybe Nathan. He orchestrated the removal of some old doors and a desk from our basement for which I will be ETERNALLY grateful. 
This gang of workers made light work of it I think that they a were done in less than 15 minutes. 
Still trying to get Moana! 
That is Kamrah’s oldest boy Lochte. So cute. 

In the end there were 10 totally full bags of wood chips, 4 old doors, an old dest and a big nasty piece of carpet on our curb. 
THANKS TO THE YOUTH!!! We are so blessed to be in such a wonderful ward!

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