Working on the House Some More

Spring time for us here in Orem means yard work!
Our house has very little lanscaping and no plants on the front side of the house. So we are starting slowly by in the beds out front.

Even though I am only 6 months pregnant I am feeling more than usless as we attmept to work on the yard. Here are the beds as they now appear wood chip free and with a few Creeping Jenny’s and one English Daisy plant. 

Here are our potted flower plants that sit on our porch. We did plant the rest of this Creeping Jenny and that plant int he front is called Woodruff. I had it at my place at Legacy Apts. I really is lovely as it grows. 
The ground had now been worked or planted in much so it was really hard and dead. We added cow poop and some other additives to the ground to liven it up a bit.

It was a lot of physical digging and Karl was on his own mostly. He was pretty pooped when he was all done. I planted, her rested with his little best buddy. 

The sun when down. It was a lovely evening. 

Since this we have found the sprinkler shut off valve, that only took about 3 days. It was really frustrating but in the process we learned all about the house. Where the sprinkler box is, where the water shut off is, where gas meter and lines are. Where the water meter and lines are. It has been good and bad. But informative non the less. Getting life lessons everywhere. 

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