A Grand Day Out!

We have been a home working on the house etc lots lately so we were excited to have a little fun this last weekend. We had been invited to Logan to see Karl’s cousin Dustin when he came home from his mission. So we decided to make our way up nice and slow via Salt Lake.

After a nice sleep in for Dad at least and a hearty breakfast at home we made it to Scheels around lunch time. We had wanted to try out the Ferris Wheel there. 

For a dollar a ride per person it seemed like a fun cheap fun time. 
Mirah had never been on a Ferris Wheel before and she was excited to give it a go. 
The gang! 
We hadn’t thought about height limits until after we bought the tokens. She was JUST tall enough. 🙂
After a short wait. We were on!
I was worried that Mirah might get scared. But, that was silly, she LOVED it!

After a nice long ride, I think we went around about 10 times. We got some hot candied nuts to celebrate!

We picked a mixed bag of almonds and cashews. 
It was pretty big. I am writing this on Thursday and we are not even half way through the bag. 
We had planned to meet Cameron for lunch, but it didn’t work out. So we went without him to our favorite Dim Sum place Hong Kong Tea House. 
I have been DREAMING of these:
Salt and pepper calamari. MY FAVORITE. 
Karl loves the BBQ pork buns. 
We got Mirah a big bowl of rice and some egg rolls. 
Then there was the shrimp stuffed mushrooms!
We got two servings of pot stickers and one of the garlic scollop dumplings. 
Everything was SUPERB. 
Ask Mirah. 
After lunch we made own way up to Logan. Cache Valley is beautiful this time of year and it was a lovely drive. 
Our stop:
Gossner Foods Dairy.
It was sunny and really warm on that side of the building. 

We got our cheese samples. 
Bought some squeeky cheese of course. 
And bought a case of boxed milk for someone for their birthday…
And got some ice cream.
Mirah got cookies and cream. I got rocky road. Karl got the winner of the outing, some kind of carmel delight. 
We went over the the Hickens and hung out for a little while. We were tired from all of our trekking around, and when we saw how much fun Mirah and Brooklyn were having together we stuck around some more. 
We went to dinner at Center Street Grill. 
Then went over and spent an hour or so with Grandma and grandpa Barney. 
Such a fun day!!

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