St. Patties Day 2018

Friday night. Pre-Saint Patrick’s day. We had Pho, an absolute FAVORITE in our house. The cabbage and carrots felt Irish, even though it was Vietnamese.


When we got home, it was time to make a trap JUST in case a leprechaun appeared.


Karl and Mirah had a sign to lure the little guy in.


You can see the trap set for him behind Mirah. He even spray painted some coins and put them in to get him.


In the morning…look what we found!


Karl made us breakfast.

Four Leaf clover pancakes.


IMG_6703.JPG IMG_6704.JPG

Time for our photo shoot!

IMG_6705.JPG IMG_6706.JPG
IMG_6707.JPG IMG_6709.JPG
IMG_6710.JPG IMG_6711.JPG
IMG_6712.JPG IMG_6714.JPG
IMG_6713.JPG IMG_6715.JPG
IMG_6708.JPG IMG_6716.JPG

We had the Whitmores over to dinner. We had coen beef and roasted potatoes. Green bread toasted with a garlic butter spread. I was so busy talking with my friends and hosting I didn’t get any pictures.

Krysta pointed this out, and I got a picture of our little green cake.





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