Mirah: “Awards,” Books, and Leprechaun Traps

Oh my goodness. From the moment she entered this world my sweet lady has kept me on my toes. I just found this picture of her. Oh so tiny.


Watching her grow up has been so wonderful.

He awards and accolades have been piling up. Like this certificate for learning the pledge.


And this one for reading which she got a free Inn and Out cheese burger.



She is so cute, she is loving math these days. I was looking in her cubby at school THIS is the book she checked out at school:


Other kids are getting books about babies with mustaches.


St Patties Day activities are in full swing and Mirah made this little gem.


Her teacher agreed, she made the bulletin board.


Her father’s daughter.

I was in her class this week when they built Leprechaun traps. This was Mirah’s trap. She was all about the aesthetics. She made the gold and the yarn… I love her.

IMG_6687.JPG IMG_6695.JPG
IMG_6696.JPG IMG_6699.JPG

Her explaining it to me:

IMG_6698.JPG IMG_6697.JPG


The other traps were not any better.










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