Lucas…My Smart Crazy Boy

So life goes on at home with my good sweet baby boy. We are out and about these days.

We go to the library every week for toddler time. His attention has increased, and so has his active participation…sometimes.


He has however been a little snggugle bug. I was having a migrane again this day. He just wanted to be next to me.


He comes in first thing in the morning, and snuggles in bed with me. He says the cutest things in the morning. Like, “Hi mom, wacha doin’?” Or “Where is Dad? Is his in bed with you?” Or “I’m hungry mom, can I have a cookie?”


Oh this boy.

The Whitmores returned this copy of connect 4 to us. We had it, gave it to Karen several years ago, and now it comes back to us at the perfect time. Lucas learned connect four on our cruise. We spent an hour on the floor of the kitchen this morning, playing.

IMG_6781.JPG IMG_6784.JPG
IMG_6782.JPG IMG_6783.JPG

We were out at Mom and Dad’s new place getting quotes for a Radon mitigation system. He disappeared for a minute. I found him hiding in this cupboard.


My little raptor.

Here he is in his new shirt, for the summer family photo shoot.

IMG_6820.JPG IMG_6823.JPG

I love this baby. He is getting so grown up.

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