Chelsea Defends Her Thesis!!

My Chel Belle. I am just so freaking proud of her!  Today was the day, she was defending her Thesis. Me, Cam, Adam, and Adam’s cousin Matt, were there to rally and support her.


Her thesis title:

Effects of Larynx Threshold Pressure and Flow in an Excised Porcine Benchtop Model.

Translation: You take a Larynx out of a pig. You mount it on a Benchtop stand. You attach sensors to it. You blow air through it. You analyze the data. Emily, Chels’s thesis partner presented first. She presented on flow. Chels presented on Threshold Pressure.


We all set through Emily’s presentation along with all of her friends and family. When she was finished they all left, and then we four were there for Belle. She talked about how they collected the harvested larynx’s. She talked about limitations of the study. She talked about the findings of her study. Which were, that fresh pig larynx’s seem to be better than those that were frozen before testing threshold pressures. She did SO great answering questions. She seemed so well informed and spoke with such authority, I was so So so sooooo proud of her.

After she was done with her presentation she sat in the hall waiting for them to talk and deliberate.

IMG_6803.JPG IMG_6804.JPG IMG_6805.JPG

They brought her back in to give her more feedback. But she passed!

Here she is with her Thesis chair, Dr. Tanner.


And here we are together. LOVE this girl. She is the MASTER!


Well, she is about to be A master.

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