Quilt Square

So we have a baby boy coming to our family, and I have a list of projects that I am working on these days.  I have decided to spread it out over the next few months. 
April’s Project:
The Quilt square. 
I made one for Mirah with the idea that she would use it rather than a pacifier. It’s funny now that we have been through it, the pacifier wasn’t as evil as it was sometimes described to us. It was actually awesome. We were really worried about getting Mirah off of it, but it didn’t end up being that big of a deal in the end. Still, she loves her quilt square. It has morphed from a soothing blanket to a dolly blanket. She even uses it these days in the car. Her interest has been increased as I have been trying to use it as a pattern for her little brother’s square. 
I have had the materials for a while now, but like in any project getting started can be the largest hurdle. Today, I sat down and did it. 
Here I finished cutting my first material. Like I said, using Mirah’s little square to guide me.  I had forgotten that minky is the WORST. It slides and rolls and doesn’t cut strait. I got it in the end. 

Cutting it all out was the biggest chore. 
Sewed it in strips. Then sewed the strips together. 
Then put on the finishing touches. 
I chose a simple solid silk for the back since most silky materials are SUPER feminine. 
I am really happy with the way it turned out. 
May, Growth board. 
June, Rainbow blanket. 
July, Have a baby. 

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